The five beauty products that saved my skin

I wouldn’t normally write about beauty solely because I am no beauty guru. I’m pretty crap when it comes to makeup and cosmetics, but when it comes to skincare I have tried and tested a lot over the years including high street and high-end, and would like to share my current favourites which have ultimately saved my skin.

All throughout my teens, I was pretty lucky and generally had a clear complexion but in the past three years, I’ve been prone to the odd bad breakout. Last year I can honestly say that my skin was the worst it had ever been due to a range of things including stress and sickness.

I had already been using some of the products earlier in the year and they’d kept my skin super clear but when it got really bad I tried to use other products which didn’t really work out of panic. I finally went back to them at the end of the year and started 2017 much more fresh faced, in the knowledge that natural products are much more suited to my sensitive skin.

Now my first three products are all by the same brand which is Biore. I discovered these guys on Instagram as I follow Shay Mitchell who is an ambassador. Usually, I don’t really buy into the whole beauty ambassador stuff, but I clicked the link and started reading up on the brand. They seemed really positive and trying them has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

So my number 1 product has to be the Biore ‘Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser’ which I have used for ages. Charcoal is known to draw out impurities and the bottle claims to deep clean 2x better than a basic cleanser and naturally purifies. I have to say this product has been amazing. It really cools your skin and works really well on oily skin too, balancing it out which of course stops new spots forming. I saw a difference within about two days so it’s fast acting too and it has, touch wood, kept my skin clear for the longest time. I really can’t recommend this product enough.

My next two products I’d probably put on the same level. They are both again Biore products and are scrubs and I tend to go between the two.

Firstly there is the Blemish Clearing Scrub which claims to “clear and polish without damaging skin’ and is oil free. This one is good I think for if you, like me, have really sensitive or combination skin. This one also releases deep rooted dirt which causes spots and polishes the spots already there. It also has a super fresh smell and leaves your skin really soft and polished. It is a nice gentle scrub which doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry but also doesn’t equally encourage more oil.

The second scrub product I’d recommend is the ‘Baking Soda’scrub which comes in a smaller pot but lasts forever. It comes as a usual Baking Soda power which you just pour into your palm and add water to. This one is more of a gentle exfoliation which leaves skin really smooth. The only thing I’d say is after scrubbing wash it straight off as if you have sensitive skin it can be quite drying. If you have oily skin though it could be good for balancing out your complexion.

After I’ve done with my scrubs and cleaners I like to use coconut oil as a moisturiser, which is relatively new for me but seems to be working really well. It is an oil but it sinks in really quickly and doesn’t make your skin greasy so doesn’t encourage spots. It is also known to clear acne and scars and leaves your skin nice and fresh and moisturised. I know coconut oil can be quite expensive but I picked up a big pot from the cooking section in Aldi for an amazing £2.99. A little goes a long way and can also be used on the rest of your body and as a healthy alternative to cooking oil also, just split it into different pots. This is definitely one of my cannot live without products, it’s just made my skin so much fresher and hydrated, so this I would 120% recommend to anyone.

I then finish off my regime with Freederm’s ‘Fast Track’ gel which I’ll occasionally apply to the odd spot I have that’s cropped up. It works within three hours by reducing the size and redness. I’ve tried a lot of these spot-on treatments and this one is definitely the most effective.

So those are my current top skincare recommendations. I don’t claim to have perfect skin, I do still get the odd breakouts every so often, but they are nowhere near as bad or as frequent since I’ve used these products. So if you’re having trouble I’d definitely consider giving them a go!

Hope you all have a wonderful day and let me know what you think if you give them a try!

Kate xx