First Post

Hi there lovely people!

I’d just like to take a moment to introduce myself and welcome you to Styled by Kate Wears. I’m Kate (enthusiastically waves hand), a full-time ginger, crazy fashion enthusiast from North East England.

Ever since being a little girl I have been completely obsessed with clothes. I would read glossy magazines like vogue and swoon over their elaborate fashion stories, where style was limitless and the garments on those pages were like whimsical costumes which could only be dreamed of in fairy tales.

More than 15 years later and I am a graduate of Fashion Journalism and reporting on and discussing fashion is basically what I love to do. I decided to set up this blog because I absolutely adore styling and photography and have been an active Instagrammer for a few years now. I haven’t written about fashion in a few months, since I left uni really because I’ve been focusing on other things, and I really miss it. Fashion for me, like so many, is like therapy. It is often said that money can’t buy happiness and in the most part I think that’s true, but I have seen people who are having a bad day, and they are about to give up until they try on that one item of clothing that just makes their face light-up. They have found an outfit that makes them feel confident and in that moment, in that dress or leather jacket or high heels, they feel like they are a new person who can conquer the world. If I could help one person to feel like that from reading one of my posts then I will have achieved my goal.

I want  to create a place where I can discuss my latest musings and work, not only sharing pictures of outfits and shoots I have styled/photographed, but to also dispense any fashion advice that I may have and talk about how to get the seasons trends and how make them your own. I am also a huge history enthusiast. My personal style is very much based on past era’s and I have a huge love for vintage clothing. So you can also expect to find a few posts about vintage fashion and how to recreate certain looks from different era’s in time, today.

It’s always a little bit scary starting a new website but I’m excited for a new adventure talking about the thing I love most and I do hope you like reading it.


Kate xx





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