Cloud Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls

Just a quick blog post to tell you gals and guys all about my latest Glossier purchase, that I am fyi, obsessed with.

If you follow me you’ll probably know when it comes to my skin tone, I’m pretty much Snow White, and though I do love it, when the weather is bad, or I’m tired, I can look a little washed out.

I’ve never really owned a blush, I’ve had them in boxes of highlights and things, but since I’ve never majorly been in to makeup (well until I discovered Glossier), they’ve never been used.

Well, as I mentioned in my last Glossier post, I wanted to try the brands blusher offering which comes in the form of ‘Cloud Paint.’

I have really sensitive skin that can become irritated really easily if I don’t use the right products, so I tend to not go for powdery makeup anymore as it can be really drying. If you’re anything like me, this blush will be perfect for you as it comes in creme form, which means it can be super easily blended using your fingers and will keep your skin feeling hydrated and fresh.

There are 4 different colours to choose from. I went with the shade puff, which is a soft blossom pink hue. Think French girl Marie Antoinette/ Petite Mellor vibes.

As you may know, everything Glossier makes is über aesthetic, and the same goes for Cloud Paint. It comes in a super artsy paint tube, which I give an A+ for fun factor. Though the packaging is quite small, I’d imagine the blush does last a long time as a minuscule amount goes really far.

To apply it, I pop a tiny among on the back of my hand, and use my ring finger to lightly tap it in to my cheeks where I’d naturally flush until it’s blended. Using your hands means there’s no waste either.

Rather than a powdery look, you’re left with a super glowy, natural looking flush, straight out of a fairytale. No dusty fallout to be seen. Just skin, looking it’s best, flawless, beautiful self.

Kate xx


See You Saloon

The past few weeks I’ve seemed to have been in one of those moods where I couldn’t find anything in the shops that really appealed to me, apart from one dress I bought at Christmas. I don’t know what it is, but as soon as spring hit (in the stores, the weather has still very much felt like winter) I seem to have desired absolutely everything.

As much as I love snow, and have bought some amazing knitwear over the past few months, when it comes to style I really am more suited to the warmer seasons.

I’d probably describe my style as being quite floaty and bohemian, think Phoebe Bouffey meets Stevie Nicks and Florence Welsh. Which is why I have become a little bit obsessed with the new Western trend hitting the highstreet at the mo.

Boho style and florals come back every year for festival season, it’s pretty much a given, but as much as I adore it, year on year it is nice to be able to shake up those dresses in the wardrobe to make them a bit more current.

As soon as I started seeing western style clothing and accessories hitting the shelves, I knew I’d be able to have a little fun with it. Floral dresses have been reinvented in to old school prairie styles, if you’re old enough to remember, think Little House On The Prairie and seventies Laura Ashley frocks, if not definitely look them up because DREAMY!

I’ve had my eye on a few, but I fell head over heels in love with a ditsy sky blue number from Topshop, who btw have been killing it with this trend at the moment. I watched it everyday for about a month, eagerly awaiting pay day, and my size SOLD OUT just as I was about to buy it. After the heart break and checking the website multiple times a day, I managed to get hold of one! I did get it in a size bigger, but since it’s oversized in style anyway, it’s all cool!

It’s the perfect dress to pull out time and time again for through the day and for occasions too. I actually wore it to an awards ceremony when I bought it. I paired it with a pair of new fifties style sling backs, and a skinny black belt to cinch in the waist as I’m quite petite. I do want to get a western style cowboy belt which is a bit thicker which will hopefully make the look a little more badass and keep with the current trend, though I really did love the vintage vibes I was getting from the daintier accessories.

When wearing it through the day I’ll be pairing it will my trusty Chelsea ankle boots, and more than likely, a straw hat in the summer.

I really like that it’s just above the ankle, and adore the seventies tie neck detail which gives it a bit of a Stevie Nicks rock ‘n’ roll feel.

What’s great about this trend is that if you haven’t an awful lot of money you can just take out your trusty pair of jeans, or your staple floral dress, and accessorise it with themed belts and shoes. If you really love the trend and want to go all out, why not get some super cool cowboy boots (can’t believe I’m saying this I literally rinsed my boyfriend for wanting a pair last year) and pair them with a dress? They’ll add a fun edginess to any outfit.

I also invested in a cute af tee with embroidered horse detail and slogan because a) forever horsey gal and b) it’s just the cutest! It’s great for casual wear and looks awesome tucked in to some blue beat up jeans and ankle boots for a laid back American country vibe. I sort of feel like an 80s dad in the look, but I’m not mad about it.

I have to say I’m pretty enamoured by this new take on the boho trend and am certainly having fun playing around with it and reviving my old wardrobe faves.

That’s what’s great about this look, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to achieve it and you can be totally extra with it or simply accessorise for subtle nods to the trend.

I’ll definitely be looking out for some more country rodeo inspired items this Spring Summer, because I won’t lie, when I’m not in my jodhpurs, all I really want to wear is horse embroidered tee’s!

Peace out,

Kate xx

Wanna Know The Gloss?

Last week I made my first Glossier order after swooning over the gorgeous website for weeks, and well I think I have fallen head over heels in love with the brand and its products.

If like me you hadn’t heard of Glossier before, the beauty brand was created by a bunch of amazing beauty editors in America who developed this wonderful brand based on what they’ve tried and tested, and what they’ve learned works best. I really like how empowering the brand is and how it celebrates being your natural, beautiful self, while still allowing you to have fun with playful beauty products, and helping you to create an effortless makeup look and routine. It’s also totally cruelty-free, and a lot of their products are vegan too. Which was one of the many things that totally won me over.

I only ordered two products initially. I could have shopped ’til I dropped because everything looks sooo aesthetic, but you know, gals on a budget and I thought I would leave myself something to look forward to.

The two beauty products I chose were Boy Brow and a Generation G lipstick in the shade Zip.

After hearing lots of rave reviews about Boy Brow, when I ran out of my usual brow pomade I thought I’d give it a go, and omg I’m obsessed.

I have rather bushy eyebrows naturally, so I like to use a ‘fixant’ to keep them in place and looking styled. What I love about Boy Brow is that the spooly is really small, which means it picks up the really tiny hairs that larger brushes might not, making for even fuller, wispy brows.

I love a good lipstick but haaaate having to keep topping it up. I have lots of bold reds, matte nudes and gorgeous oranges, but was looking for something more natural looking that still had a bit of oomf about it. I don’t do pinks in my makeup because it just looks odd with my ginger hair, and it’s hard to find a red that doesn’t look full on colour pop, but then I came across Generation G.

I went for the red shade zip as I wanted to look like I had naturally blushed lips. Sometimes you don’t want to wear anything heavy but need a little definition. I’m very pale so that’s true for me, and this lipstick, because it’s so sheer, makes you feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all. I also love how it’s sheer formula allows your own lip colour to bleed through making a shade completely unique to you. The colour is like when you’ve kissed someone, that cloudy, pale hue you’re left with on your lips, minus the smudge.

That’s what’s great about glossier products though, they adapt to suit you and not the other way around. What I really love about generation G though is the way it fades. It hangs on for ages and comes off evenly, so you don’t look like you haven’t topped up your lipstick. It doesn’t seem to transfer, move around, or smudge either. It really is a winning formula for me which has already made a solid staple for day to day wear.

On your first order you also receive a tester product too. Which is fab for if you’re like me and don’t want to/ can’t make a big order and spend lots all at once, but you still would like to try things out.

I picked a sample of Glossier You, the brands own fragrance, and after pretty much the first spray I knew I needed it forever.

It’s a hard smell to explain. It can’t be described using comparisons because honestly it doesn’t smell like anything I’ve ever smelled before. I can only describe it as being feminine, sexy, fresh and slightly musky. And I don’t mean feminine in the way of florals, I mean vintage. It makes me think of classy women in the 1940’s, sat in a smoky bar, drinking gin whilst smoking cigarettes in a crowded, dimly lit room. It has a depth to it. A real sultry note. But it’s fresh at the same time. And it’s not overpowering either. It’s a smell you’ll catch every so often when you toss your hair or adjust your clothing. It’s a true delight and I can’t wait to buy it and enjoy it in it’s full glory.

The other thing that totally made me swoon was the packaging it all came in. It’s like every millennials dream. We’re talking that pale tumblr pink packaging, gorgeous little welcome postcards, and even some free, damn adorable stickers too! I just sat opening it squeeling with excitement. It doesn’t feel like you’re getting a package from a big brand, but rather a friend. It feels very personal and youthful. To top it off you also get a cute little pink makeup bag too! LITERALLY what’s not to love?

For my next order I’m definitely going to treat myself to Glossier You, I feel like it’s a real staple that I’d like to wear everyday. I’d also like to try the blusher named Cloudpaint. I’ve never actually owned a blusher, but being so pale I could sometimes do with a little colour in my cheeks to make me look a little more alive! It isn’t a powder blush. I believe it’s more creamy so I’m excited to try that out as well, and also Haloscope which is a highlighter. I’m a bit addicted to collecting highlighters but i’m really drawn to this one because it seems quite balmy unlike a powder, and is meant to make you look more naturally glowy which i’m all about.

If you fancy trying some products for yourself you can visit Glossiers site here! Do let me know if you buy anything and what you think of your products, i’d love to hear!

If you’re a friend of mine who’s reading this, feel free to message me for a 10% off code too! Sharing is caring after all💛

Kate xx

Pretty In Pink

There’s something I’ve just always loved about faux fur coats. They keep you super warm in the chilly northern winter, and you really can’t beat them for adding a touch of glamour or nostalgia to any outfit.

I have a small collection now of different styles, some being more classically vintage, mid-length ‘Narnia’ style coats, and some fluffier, shorter cut jackets. They’ve all been pretty classic in colour, and so recently I’ve been finding myself lusting after something different.

I was having a little shopping trip a couple of months back and popped in to one of my favourite highstreet stores Zara, and instantly spotted this gorgeous pink coat.

As soon as I put it on I fell absolutely in love with it. It feels really high quality, it’s super soft to touch, and has that lovely drape and weight to it like a real vintage one would.

I’d just started my new job at the time so thought I should wait to buy it, but unfortunately it sold out. So I was delighted to find the outerwear discounted on Black Friday making it around £70.

I’ve only worn it a couple of times but have been styling it with frayed hem jeans, paper thin knitwear, a clashing baker boy hat and bucket bag for a real seventies, nostalgia vibe.

I love how eye catching it is with its ice cream tone, and I really like to clash that with other popping colour such as reds and oranges. It also looks great with darker colours and in particular khaki, and prints including leopard too.

If I were to dress it up it would look great with tailored retro mini dresses and a red lip for a classic, Lady Penelope style look, or with something long and floaty, paired with metallic silver ankle boots for a more bohemian feel.

It embodies everything I love in a faux fur coat, in that it looks expensive, is eye catching and can be worn with practically anything. It’s definitely going to be be one of my year-on-year winter wardrobe staples!

Kate xx

It’s A Bugs Life

I’ve always been a bit of a shoe hoarder. I think I must own approximately 40 pairs at least, and I’m ashamed to say, I  only have a select number that I seem to wear often and I most definitely need a clear out.

A year or two ago I decided that I was going to save up and spend more on shoes that were more classic, that were made to last and unlike some of my cheap or kitsch styled high heels, weren’t going to destroy my boney feet. 

However, that was until recently whilst on a shopping trip with a friend. I discovered these skater style slip-on trainers, which quite frankly made my 12-year-old Avril Lavigne loving self internally scream.

These luxe lovelies were from Primarni and cost me just £8!!! Whats awesome about them is the fact that theyre super comfortable and are made out of a Merlot hued velvet, which can be paired with many an outfit, casual or dressy. 

The bumble bee embroidery adds a bit of a regal class to the shoes, which, in my opinion, makes them look much more expensive than they really are. The insect detail also makes more of a feature of the shoes which means if you’re not big on accessorising with jewellery, your feet can do the talking. 

They can be dressed up or down and look cute with loose fitting dolly dresses for a more dressy look, or can be alternatively paired with denim in the form of frayed hem jeans and distressed shorts. Pair them with fishnet tights or socks for an edgier twist on the current nostalgic grunge trend of the 90s.

Kate xx 


Cottoning On 

For me, one of the best things about summer, apart from the obvious warmer weather (Yes! We’ve actually had some in the North East too recently!) is that feeling of total freedom when it comes to fashion and style.

I’m a total hippie at heart and so when summer comes around I feel more confident and even more experimental with my fashion choices. It becomes less about layering and more about that light, easy way of dressing, where fabrics are floaty and legs are bare. 

Normally, I like to wear more closely fitted clothing, at least on the top of my body, with being small I try to show my waist as I’m quite petite. But recently, I’ve found myself falling for much looser fitting dolly style dresses, which seem to be pretty much plaguing the shops at the moment whether they be in pure white fabrics or striped nautical patterns. And you can see why. I mean, what’s better than a thin, crisp cotton dress to keep you cool in the humid summer air? 

I spotted this beauty a couple of weeks ago in Primarni (for £13!!!!) and was heartbroken that my size was gone, but praise to the gods of fashion, I managed to get my mitts on one this week. 

It’s a bit of a different look for me as it’s super oversized, but because of the fitted sleeves and the shorter hemline, it’s still really flattering. 

I adore the flared half sleeves and the gorgeous leafy embroidery on its bodice, which adds a hint of colour and detail and a bit of a vintage vibe. 

I styled my dress with a mini statement cross body bag, matching the blue of the embroidery, and wore my favourite seventies suede platforms to keep the look a bit more retro boho. Though, it would also look great with vans or sandals. 

It really is one of those great transitional pieces for exploring through the day or for attending barbecue garden parties on a night. 

The cotton dress really is the go-to garment of Summer ’17, and if this number’s not your vibe you can also check out these pretty little wonders below…

Happy shopping! 

Kate xx

Image copyright Vintage Style Me

Cactus Smock, £46, Vintage Style Me 

Image copyright Joanie Clothing

Gingham Dress, £38, Joanie Clothing

Image copyright Nobody’s Child

Tie Shoulder Poplin Dress, £25, Nobody’s Child

Image copyright Mango

Puffed Sleeve Dress, £19.99, Mango

Easy Breezy Brand of the moment… Son de Flor

As many of you probably know by now I have something of a vintage soul, and while scrolling Instagram a few weeks ago I came across this beautifully nostalgic brand, Son de Flor.

I was instantly captivated by its ethereal images and the wonderful simplicity of its folksy garments.

The brand is all about that easy breezy slow life, a world away from the usual fast fashion that we see every day.

I’ve always thought there is something delicious about owning that one classic, well-made, well-loved staple garment that can be worn for every adventure and occasion. One which can be your signature item that you can practically live in. One which, one day, will be adopted by someone else and will become an old book full of stories. I think these frocks are just that.

Son de Flor’s dresses have something of an eclectic, modest charm. They sort of remind me of something a new age Elizabeth Bennett would wear or one of the girls from Little House on the Prarie, and although their garments are simplistic they stand out from the crowd for that reason. They possess that ageless, vintage look that you don’t often get today.

What is even more wonderful about the brand’s dresses are that they have a classic timelessness to them which means they can be worn for a range of different occasions and be, as the brand puts it, ‘just right’. They are easy to pop on through the day for trips to the countryside, at tea parties with friends, or dressed up with heels and a classic red lip for an evening occasion. They really do make for effortless dressing and style.

As a massive added bonus the brand is conscious and creates its clothing with linen, sourced and made by responsible producers and suppliers. What’s more, the fact that they are made of linen means that the dresses are easy to move and adventure in and are light and airy for warm summer days and layerable for winter or for an added touch of detail.

I adore these smock dresses layered up for a retrospective look. They come in a range of bold beautiful colours too!

Which is one of the factors that draws me to the brand so much, the fact that you can buy one staple dress and then add separate layers to add an alternative neckline or hem or another layer of warmth. They will never go out of style or season.

These little petticoats are perfect on their own in hot summer heat or layered under dresses.

The linens come in a range of different colours, for if you like striking, standout hues like yolky mustards, crimson reds or more natural and subtle colours like oatmeals, crisp whites, and olives.

If I were to style these dresses myself I’d definitely add a white layer underneath for a more vintage look and would match it with little leather sandals or brogues and straw boater hat for summer. Alternatively, I’d pair it with brown ankle boots, chunky knitwear, and backpacks for winter.

This is one of my Kate favourites of the collection. I just love the crisp white cotton for Summer.

If you happen to have a mini me, you can also go matchy-matchy with the brand’s adorable little girls range (I mean seriously, how cute?)

If you’re not a dress kind of girl, the brand have also created beautiful blouses and skirts in the same airy fabrics and tones for the new season.

If you’d like to check out some more of Son de Flor’s wares you can find them online here-Son de Flor. You can also give them a follow on Instagram @sondeflor for more beautiful, whimsical imagery.

Kate xx
All images copyright Son de Flor

Grunge Girls Gingham

Do it like Dorothy this Summer and get your gingham on.

Gingham is one of those staples that seems to come back every summer in some shape or form. Remember the days when you couldn’t wait to pull your checky dresses and frilly socks out for school? Well, this year the look is back with a bang.

Gingham never really disappears. It is often about annually, at least as a micro trend, and as always, there are the usual pastel hues around for the warmer weather. However this year, the usually pretty girly patterns are much more oversized and the in-tones seem to be darker hues of navy’s and black with the occasional pop of red, giving the trend more of an updated, grungy, retrospective feel.

This monochrome dress, I actually bought last year from Warehouse and is a dead ringer for the Isa Arfen resort dress Emma Watson wore back in 2016.

It is a button-down style and has a more fitted silhouette reminiscent of that of the fifties. Like Emma, for this shoot (shot by my wonderful friend Hayley Crone, check her out on Insta and Facebook for updates) I kept with the vintage theme by accessorising with bright crimson colour-pop heels, a matching post box red lip and a classic box bag.

To make this trend a bit more relaxed, I would pair it with a skinny scarf and chunky clogs for a more 70s boho vibe, which is my favourite era to replicate. To give it a grunge update for the new season pair it with fishnet ankle socks and a pair of trusty old Vans.

If you’d like to get your hands on a dress just like this, you can check out warehouse’s updated A-line button version which reflects a more relaxed nineties button-down style.

Or, you can also check out some more of my favourite picks for sale online, below. For whether you’re a laid back Lucy, a preppy Polly or a vintage Verity, this one is a trend for everyone.

Kate xx


Copyright: HE Official

Elsie Top, £32.99, He Official

Copyright: Nobody’s Child

Navy Peplum Cami, £18, Nobody’s Child

Copyright: Joanie Clothing

Ellen Sun Dress, £40, Joanie Clothing 


Copyright: ASOS

Off Shoulder Jumpsuit, £35, ASOS


Copyright: Mango @ASOS

Frill Hem Trousers, £35.99, Mango @ASOS


Seersucker Frill Mini Skirt, £20, Nobody’s Child



I Have This Thing For Vintage…

Last weekend, as I very regularly do, I visited one of my favourite places in the North East- Tynemouth market.

I adore visiting this place as it is just a complete treasure trove for all things vintage, handmade and up-cycled.

I always go there with my usual mental list of specific things to look out for like vinyl and vintage homeware from my favourite sellers (OH and cake ofc), but no matter how hard  I try will often find surprise pieces which I never knew I needed and can’t resist spending on.

I’ve always been a massive lover of vintage clothes, I think I was supposed to have been born in another era, so I was all eagle-eyed when I spotted this sunny vintage dress hanging from a vintage stalls rail, like the holy grail amongst an overwhelming sea of tweed.

I had been just five minutes later it would have been gone as a blonde lady spotted it simultaneously. I’d say it’s from the early sixties/ very late fifties as it has the most beautiful, bold flower pattern which is an iconic look of the era, however the hemline isn’t short enough to be mini and although it’s yellow, it’s subtle, which may suggest it not being from the height of the swinging 60’s.

What I love about it apart from its beautiful daffodil yellow hue is that it can be worn a range of different ways.  It is a bit big for me, so initially, I thought of using it as a sort of summer trench coat over skirts, dresses, and shorts as it is quite tailored.

When worn buttoned as an actual dress, it’s quite boxy but comes with a belt so becomes slightly A-line. It also has a high oriental-style neckline which adds a pretty little twist to the look. The collar also looks great folded down to create a more relaxed V-shaped neckline for when the weather gets a bit warmer.

The thing I adore about vintage clothing, apart from the fact that it is more of a one-off, is the detail and quality of the clothing from the 20th century and before. Garments like this dress were just made to last. The material is a crisp cotton which makes it more durable and there is so much attention to detail in the matching crafted buttons and stitching.

As a huge lover of vintage, I have to say in my opinion the North East isn’t the best when it comes to vintage shops, and a lot of the ones we do have can be rather pricey, unlike the amazing Northern Quater of Manchester. So I was delighted to find out that the dress was a complete bargain at fifteen pounds!!! Which was the best offer I’ve had on vintage clothing since I visited COW Manchester.

So yes, the North East may not have many vintage stores but sometimes if you are willing to hunt, you might just find the best retro easter eggs in the most unlikely of places (like quirky little train stations).

Kate xx

Is this the most versatile accessory ever? 

I’ve always had a thing for headwear and hair accessories. It’s always been my ‘thing’ as I have never been someone who wears jewellery but I love to play around with shoes, bags and headwear. I like to add a bit of quirkiness or nostalgia to my outfits because, hey! It’s fun to be different and I think the way to do that best is with accessories. 

As I am a recent graduate and have things to save for, I tend to try and be a bit more savvy with my buys where I can. I spotted this gorgeous satin scarf the other day and it was an instant impulse buy. I fell in love with the bold, satsuma orange colour with its oriental bloom pattern, which gives the glamorous 1940’s land girl vibe that I love. 

I have found that unlike some hair-ties, it is a perfect length to be a really versatile accessory, which is great because you get more looks for your mula! 

Aside from using it for multiple hairstyles, you can tie them around your neck for another more sophisticated, polished vintage vibe. It also makes for a nice alternative to the choker trend if you want to be a bit different. Pair with a trench, red listick and sunnies or a crisp white blouse and tailored trousers for a glam, retro daytime look. 

If you like to be a bit edgier with your fashion, scarves also look super cool wrapped around ankles and wrists to add a more effortlessly casual, boho accent to any maxi dress, shorts or jeans combo. 

Finally I really love to use vintage scarves to upcycle thrifted or basic bags. It helps to give them a retro twist, adds detail and gives them a new lease of life. Tip: they look great wrapped around smaller handles multiple times and knotted to finish. Also the great thing about having a scarf attached to your bag all the time is that you’ll never be caught out having a surprise bad hair day! 

If you want to experiment with scarves you can buy them new at H&M, (where the featured scarf is from), they have a couple of different patterns so you can choose one which suits, or you can pick them up from almost all vintage sales and shops if you’re looking for something a bit more individual. 

Remember you can follow me on Instagram for regular styling posts @katewears, I’d love to see your take on the trend too! 

Happy accessorising! 

Kate xx